Coordinate Photos 2017

Organized from most recent to oldest with attributed blog post if it exists! I hope my improvement becomes more noticeable as time goes on! 🙂

12/30/17 RMSC & Strasenburgh Planetarium Date


12/16/17 Christmas Shopping/Date


12/14/17 Burger Arcade with Friends


Winter International Lolita Day 2017


11/19/17 Crepes & Bubble Tea with Friends


RuffleCon 2017 Part 2


RuffleCon 2017 Part 2


RuffleCon 2017 Part 1



Halloween Party 2017 / ハロウィーンのパーティー2017



Halloween Shopping / ハロウィーンの買い物



Tea at the Red Bird



Casual Bubble Tea Meet-Up



Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum: Patches, Antiques, & More



Fan World 2017 – Mystery Skulls & More!



Memorial Art Gallery Hangout



Movie Meet – My Neighbor Totoro



International Lolita Day – Swap Meet & Picnic



Circus Date



Fashion Show!



Karaoke Lolita

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