About Me

I’m Tiffany, an artist who loves shopping and studying Japanese language, culture, and society. I created this blog with the intent of combining my love of writing with my love of fashion in a way that could keep me motivated. This website originally started as a small inactive WordPress blog in 2014, was redesigned and updated in 2017, and now in 2020, we’re independently hosted and looking forward to sharing more! On this blog, I write about my own personal experiences pertaining to the fashion I wear and the events surrounding it. My primary fashion choice is a Japanese street fashion called Lolita Fashion (sometimes called Elegant Gothic Lolita or EGL). It is inspired by Victorian, Rococo, and Baroque fashion, as well as precious memories and the spirit of fighting for what’s dear to you. I am a full circus-themed Lolita and have worked hard to design my wardrobe to fit this theme!

Frequently Asked Questions

Lolita Fashion is a Japanese streetwear fashion and subculture influenced by Victorian, Edwardian, and Rococo fashions. Please read more at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lolita_fashion

I made my first Lolita-inspired outfit in 2015 and went to my first Lolita meetup in 2016. I started fully focusing on building my wardrobe in 2017 once I had a stable income.

My favorite Japanese brands are Alice and the Pirates & Vierge Vampur. My favorite Western brand is Violet Fane.

I buy directly from Lolita Fashion brands or I overwhelmingly buy from secondhand stores or thrift stores. Please refer to My Shop List for links!

Circus has been my favorite theme from childhood. It is the only place in which one runs away to instead of from. Lolita Fashion is my biggest form of self-expression so I found it natural to pair it with my favorite theme.

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