6%DOKIDOKI Webshop Unboxing & Review

As one of the pioneering brands of Harajuku Fashion & Subculture, 6%DOKIDOKI remains iconic with its colorful and rebellious prints. Due to COVID-19 however, many brands in Harajuku have fallen on financial troubles, 6%DOKIDOKI being no exception. This led to 6%DOKIDOKI to start a crowdfunding campaign in Japan for funds to help keep the store afloat with the lack of business and tourism on Harajuku’s streets. But it also caused 6%DOKIDOKI to do something I’ve been eagerly awaiting years for: an online international webshop. Before the existence of this webshop, the only place to buy 6%DOKIDOKI from in the United States was through Tokyo Otaku Mode or Ghost Girl Goods (Canada-based). Being able to buy from 6% without a middle man is exciting.

The webshop is pretty straight-forward and easy to shop from. The prices defaulted to JPY for me but you have the option to change it to USD or several other currencies.


I couldn’t go too crazy this order so I bought 3 items:

  • Colorful Rebellion Postcard in the Day Dream Pastel print ($4.00)
  • Yummy Soft-Serve Ice Cream Necklace in the Lavender colorway ($46.00)
  • 【SAVE OUR MOTHER SHIP Collector’s Box ($29.00)

The Collector’s Box is one of the items 6% has been offering through their crowdfunding campaign so I was very excited and curious to see what sort of items I would receive from it. The description reads as:

Thank you very much for wanting to contribute to the survival of 6%DOKIDOKI !

For 3000yen
You will be sent “the Collector’s box”. It’s mainly filled with accessories, but most importantly, it will contain rare archive items that are not for sale anymore  !!!
*includes 5~10 small hair-accessories, 1~2 big hair-accessories, 5~7 the other accessories and a sticker.

Shipping was $11.82 for a total of $90.82. I placed my order on June 9, the night the site opened worldwide. I received the shipping confirmation on June 13 and received the package on June 18 by DHL.


The package came with two small boxes, one containing my main order packed within a 6% DOKIDOKI shopping bag and one containing the Collector’s Box.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m pretty happy with everything I got! The only things not particularly useful to me were the bracelets and the hair tie so I ended up giving those things to someone else. The Yummy Soft-Serve Ice Cream Necklace had been on my wishlist for quite some time so I was really happy to finally get that, it’s so big and fun in person! I’m looking forward to seeing what other products end up being available on the webshop. Thanks for reading, until next time!


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