Clown Weekend

Hello! Happy Monday!

This weekend was a double of coordinates, fun times, and lots and lots of clowns!

On Saturday, Bobby and I went on a date to Rochester’s Artisan Works, a local museum located in a refurbished factory that hosts hundreds upon hundreds of unique and unconventional artwork.

I got to see lots of artwork by Ramón Santiago, who is famous for his beautiful portraits and drawings of women, clowns, and creatures. I found out that he’s actually a Rochester native and that there’s a local studio dedicated to just his art nearby! I read up that there’s presently some controversy over the ownership rights to his art so I wonder if I’ll be able to visit the studio one day. When I look at his art, I’m so moved by an aesthetic I deeply wish to emulate with my coordinates. I hope I can look that dreamy one day. ^^

For this coordinate, I went a little silly, lots of clashing patterns. I got this blouse thrifting during the winter holiday and noticed it matched my AP OTKs, I just had to pair them since they both have matching triangles! Next time, I will probably try to incorporate more yellow around the neck and waist. I went for dark makeup to contrast with the bright colors.






Bow: Pastel Skies

Clown Hat: Local Shop (Archimage)

Blouse: Thrifted

Bow: Angelic Pretty British Bowtie Blouse

Skirt: Angelic Pretty Queen Trump Skirt

OTKs: Angelic Pretty Circus Neon OTKs

Bag: Target

Shoes: Bodyline


Artisan Works Clowns!


On Sunday, I joined the neighboring Buffalo Lolita Comm for a tea party at the White Linen Tea House and later antique shopping! The food was fantastic, we all participated in a brunch buffet where you can eat all the pancakes, eggs benedict, and fruit for a flat rate.

I keep running into faces like this!


I saw so many cool things while in the antique store! I ended up leaving with this fan shaped pin with dangling tassels for only $8!


I really love this JSk and originally got it to match my Jester hat but was pleasantly surprised by how well it paired with my Vierge Vampur bonnet! I got the bonnet in one of my Lolita Desu orders and I’m happy I get to wear it while creating a second coordinate for this JSK! I went for more dramatic makeup and a dot to match the cutsew and dress. ^^






Bonnet: Vierge Vampur

JSK: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sorcerer’s Horoscope JSK

Cutsew: Angelic Pretty Decoration Dot Tulle Cutsew

Mask Brooch: Local Shop (Archimage)

Bag: Putumayo Rabbit Pochette

Shoes: Lolita Lola


Antique Clowns!

Overall, it was a very fun and silly weekend! It was strange going back to reality and preparing for the work week once more. That’s it for this week’s entry! ‘Til next time! 🙂


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