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Hello and Happy New Year! Today, I will be writing a review of Dream Holic’s taobao! It’s been hard for me to find good detailed or updated reviews of Dream Holic so after placing an order, I thought I’d make one myself and hopefully help out others who might be considering ordering Dream Holic wigs. This post is very photo heavy!


I heard about Dream Holic through various Lolita channels and happened to buy a Dream Holic wig scondhand. It’s the style Anemone in the Natural Black color and it came with two clip-on pigtails. I ended up loving it so much, it’s become my daily wig! I wear it every day when I go out or go to work, so roughly 6 days a week for around 6 months so far. I started wearing wigs daily because I’m in the process of growing my hair out. I think it’s pretty cute and natural looking! Below is a slideshow from July through December after daily wig use with minimal shedding.

I also recently acquired a second Dream Holic wig secondhand. It was the Little Poppy style in the Milky Lavender color. It was a last minute purchase that really pulled together my jester coordinate from RuffleCon!

However, despite my personal positive experiences, I’ve heard people have mixed responses when it comes to Dream Holic. I think this stems from the Dream Holic storenvy being a reseller rather than the main branch of Dream Holic. There seems to have been issues with this storenvy in regards to inaccurate sales, getting packages shipped, miscommunication, and so on. The storenvy also has more expensive prices than ordering directly from the Dream Holic taobao. I have not personally ordered from the Dream Holic storenvy so all of this, please take with a grain of salt. This review is strictly for the Dream Holic taobao. So with my order, I used Spreenow to order from the taobao.

The Order

For this order, I ordered 5 wigs in 3 styles in 4 different colors. The translations for the colors on the order page are a little rough so I made sure to include a note with each wig with the name of the specific color I wanted for extra security. One of the colors I ordered was supposed to be Berry Jam but Dream Holic sold out of the color in that specific style before SpreeNow could order it so I changed the color to Chocolate. Overall, I tend to lean more towards natural colored wigs. I hope to do a second order soon with some of the more bright colors (like the Milky Lavender I already have or the Berry Jam I missed out on) and do a second review/update!

Shipping Time

I placed my order with SpreeNow on October 11, 2017. It seems to have arrived at Spreenow’s warehouse on December 08, 2017. I paid for my full package of items to ship on December 11. It shipped on December 12. And I received the full package on December 16. (Full Taobao order review can be seen at Taobao Haul – #1) All of that time equates to roughly a two month turnaround time from my initial order to receiving the package.


All wigs came individually packaged. The buns were packaged separately from their respective wigs. Each wig has a round form with a paper stuffing to help the wig keep its shape, as well as a wig net. The buns are wrapped together in a net and have clips inside to adhere to the wig. The wigs also have “DREAM HOLIC”on a tag on the inside.

Photo Review

For the photos, I used the Google Pixel 2 front-facing camera, a camera known to be a little too good at capturing imperfections. Normally, I use the SNOW app for my selfies because I like the filters and general smooth look the app has. It’s clear in Dream Holic’s stock photos, there’s heavy emphasis on styling and lighting. So for this review, I’ve included non-filtered unedited photos and photos filtered with the “Natural” filter in SNOW. I tried to include fiber close-ups as well as close-ups of the roots of the wigs. All photos were taken in indoor natural lighting by a window.

Emily Milly in Natural Black
Emily Milly in Natural Black

This is a cute cut I’ve seen becoming more popular recently so I definitely wanted to try it since I tend to gravitate towards short haircuts. Natural Black is a color that is more of a deep brown than a black to emulate it looking like real hair vs. other black wigs that tend to use solid black fibers and thus look shiny and fake.

I tried the wig on briefly with my Vierge Vampur bonnet and I have to say, it looks like it was made for bonnets!

I actually wore this wig out once before this review, it was comfortable for long wear. It really helped pull my outfit together! Because of how natural it is, I think it was easier for attention to divert away from me in more public spaces.

Gummy Bear in Raspberry Brown
Gummy Bear in Raspberry Brown

Raspberry brown is definitely more of a reddish color, especially when contrasted with the Chocolate. I think this color suits my skin tone well!

I was worried about the short length of the wig but this style is very fluffy and nice.

Gummy Bear in Onyx
Gummy Bear in Onyx
Gummy Bear in Onyx

The color of this was very surprising to me because it’s pretty close to the stock photo. The ombre is really nice albeit not the most convincing in comparison to the more natural-colored wigs.

I don’t think the color suits me and will ultimately part with this one but this one absolutely photos well!

Gummy Bear in Chocolate
Gummy Bear in Chocolate

This one is a great one, very natural and well suited for classic or sweet looks! I like how the sides fall around my face a lot.

I really love how rich this brown is! I think the buns are a nice touch to this one!

I also got to wear this one out recently before the review. Throughout the day, I had some issues getting it to stay because I didn’t push down my actual hair enough. Because it’s a short-style, it’s really important to have the hair underneath as flat as possible so there isn’t a weird head shape.

The Poetry of Giverny in Natural Black
The Poetry of Giverny in Natural Black (This photo is of the Chocolate)

This one is beautiful! A very classic style and easily my favorite of the bunch! It’s pretty interesting because when I first tried it on, I wasn’t sure about it, but doing this in-depth review has convinced me otherwise.

I love this one! It photos well, looks very natural, is comfortable on the head. I didn’t want to stop taking pictures with it on!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought all of the wigs and their respective colors resembled the stock photos! I really liked my previous experiences with Dream Holic so I’m glad I took this chance to place a larger order and try out more styles! While the waiting time might not be for everyone, the quality of the wigs is hard to beat. There’s little wig shine and because the wigs are designed with Lolita fashion in mind, there’s little effort has has to go into styling or preparing the wigs; they can be worn directly out of the packaging. I’m looking forward to placing another order and trying out more of the colors!

That’s it for this week, what do you think of Dream Holic’s wigs? Are you thinking about ordering from them? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!


4 responses to “Dream Holic Review 2018”

  1. Cupcake Kamisama Avatar

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do such a thorough review! I’ve been wanting to try Dream Holic wigs for a while, but the mixed reviews (especially those saying that the wigs are thin) and the heavily filtered stock photos (when I already struggle to figure out which colours suit me best) put me off from buying and I had missed my chance to check them out more closely in person when Dream Holic were remote vending at an event in London. So this really, really helps. Honestly, before you said that these were wigs, I had thought that they were genuinely your own hair (from seeing some of these photos on either CoF, Amino or IG), so they really do look very natural. You have encouraged me to give them a go, thank you. ????

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Awesome! I’m glad this was able to help! I noticed there was a lot of conflicting opinions about the brand, which was very strange to me considering my own personal experiences with the ones I already owned were really positive, so I’m glad this was able to dispel some of your concerns! If you end up ordering from them, please let me know what style and color you get and how you feel about it! 🙂

  2. Andy Avatar

    Okay thank you but question! How did you wear your wigs? I’m not opposed to glue or tape but I’m not sure what to get.

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      I just use a wig cap over my actual hair! No glue or tape necessary for these kinds of wigs 🙂

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