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Hello Kitty Cookies

Hello! This past weekend, I got to stop by the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! For those who don’t know, the Hello Kitty Cafe is a series of Sanrio themed cafe located in Irving, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. At this cafe, you can dine on baked goods and sweets based on Hello Kitty and her friends, as well as buy merchandise and take pictures in the wonderfully designed interior of the cafe. Due to the original cafe’s popularity, the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck was born! This truck travels across the United States and stops in various cities allowing anyone who doesn’t live near the physical cafe locations to try some of the sweets.

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

This is my third time visiting the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck! Each time that I’ve gone, I’ve dressed up in Lolita but this time was particularly different because of its coincides with the COVID-19 global pandemic. For this reason, protocol was a little different. The line was socially distanced with markers on the sidewalks and I wore a mask. Surprisingly even with social distancing, getting through the line didn’t take that long fortunately. I recently got a Sanrio themed face mask and was super happy to wear it! I also wore new wristcuffs and my Hello Kitty bracelets! I took selfies before and after buying a Hello Kitty hairbow from the truck.

Having visited three times now, I’ve tried all of the desserts! This time, I got the cookies, shaped like Keroppi, Hello Kitty, and My Melody, the madeleines. I also got this adorable Hello Kitty acrylic charm!

  • Hello Kitty Cookies
  • Hello Kitty Acrylic Charm
  • Hello Kitty Madeleines

For my coordinate, I wore my recently acquired Angelic Pretty Ice Cream Parlor Special Set JSK! I love this dark pink color and am happy I got to wear it out so quickly.


JSK: Angelic Pretty Ice Cream Parlor Special Set
Blouse: Marshall’s
OTKs: Yukine’s Box
Bags: Tokyo Disney Sea Happy Marching, Hello Kitty Cafe Truck
Wristcuffs: Beefeyeround
Paw Sandals: Tokyo Otaku Mode
Mask: Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends All Over Print Adult Face Mask
Rings & Hairclips: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand

That’s it for this post! Have you ever visited the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck or the Hello Kitty Cafe? If so, how was your experience? I’m looking forward to eventually visiting the full cafe one day! Until next time!


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  1. rikachuuable Avatar

    You look so cute!! I love how you included your mask into the styling. How were the cookies? They sometimes run a bit too hard when I try to have the ones from the Irvine location so I tend to try to drink them with their warmer drinks! I’ve also never tried their madeleine yet so it’s fun to see how they look in package! ^^

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Thank you so much!! ^_^ The cookies are always hard for sure, but they’re so cute, I always buy them and eat them immediately anyway xD I definitely want to try them with hot tea next time! Besides their mini pies, the madeleines are my FAVORITE. They’re so sweet and good, the box comes with 8 I believe but I never count them because I always eat them so fast ;v; It’s awesome you’ve visited the Irving location, I definitely recommend trying the madeleines the next time you go!

  2. Lina Avatar

    So cuuuuute!
    I’ve never been to the Hello Kitty truck, but my comm will host meetups all the time when it’s at a nearby city. I’d love to see it someday cause it seems like a great excuse to wear a cute outfit and try to match with it haha
    I also would love to buy some of the collectible stuff they sell there ;_;

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Thank you so much! 🙂 It really is a great excuse! People totally are nicer more than they are whenever else I’m in a public space. People are much more willing to just accept you’re dressing up just for fun since the truck is pink too xD The collectible stuff is great! I have the mug, tote bag, and water bottle as well. For every $30 you spend on food, they give you a free mini pink tote bag! I hope you’re able to visit the truck or go to a permanent cafe location one day!

  3. basia Avatar

    ohhh those SHOES! i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like them used for lolita and i ADORE them with the rest of this coord – all these colors are so bright and wonderful!! all those colors are absolutely delightful together and the overall effect is so cheerful without being clashing at all, and that mask is perfect. i actually live near the permanent HK cafe in irvine but i’ve somehow never gone (especially not lately, lol), i’m still a little too shy to try lolita out in public outside of a convention but one day… sigh.

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Thank you very much! They’re my favorite comfy shoes to wear with Lolita, especially at conventions or days when I’ll be standing or walking a lot! Thank you very much for your compliments on my coordinate! ^_^ Building up the confidence to wear Lolita in public definitely takes a bit of time so please don’t rush yourself, one day when you feel ready, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun at the cafe 🙂

  4. Cupcake Kamisama Avatar

    This dress looks so much better than stock photos made it out to be. Brands need to get their act together and make better stock photos, honestly!
    It’s so cool that you were able to visit the Hello Kitty Truck for the third time now! And always good to hear when folks maintain social distancing and the queue goes fast, standing in a queue that doesn’t move is very frustrating.

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Honestly, this colorway is a strong winner for me. I still have a hard time deciding whether I like this one or the mint version more but the dark pink in the print always ranks it high for me! I haven’t gone out in public except for necessities & groceries since March so it was nice to go somewhere and feel like I was in a safe environment due to the measures they took to make the line safely proceed, as well as requiring masks! I got this mask from Sanrio’s website but it would have been cool if the Cafe Truck sold masks too haha

  5. FuchsiaMuffin Avatar

    Aww man I missed you! I was there around 2PM. I was in gothic lolita clothing. I got the cookies and water bottle. The water in the water bottle was subpar lol. I haven’t tried the cookies yet.

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Oh darn! I was there really early and left shortly after making it to the front of the line. Hopefully next time! And yeah, lol, I totally just get the water bottles because they’re cute xD

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