MAGfest 2018

Happy Monday! I’m still a bit tired from the long drives but two weekends ago, I was in National Harbor, MD for MAGfest! Super MAGfest is an annual Music and Gaming-based convention. I had vaguely heard about it but didn’t really consider going until my friend invited me! So Bobby and made the 9-our drive to Maryland from Rochester! This post is photo heavy!

The area inside of the Gaylord hotel is amazing, it’s like a self-contained functioning village with rooms that overlook an area of mini shops and restaurants. The convention runs for 24 hours so there were always people around from day to night.



I didn’t really go to any panels (one of the ones I wanted to go to actually got repeatedly cancelled). I instead spent most of my time talking and hanging out with new and old friends! I did get to see Rare Candy in concert again! Rare Candy is a game-themed metal band! The first time I saw Rare Candy was at Tora Con many years ago. I really liked them beccause of their music and fantastic onstage presence. I lived my Lolita dressed of being at a metal concert in a full coord!

Rare Candy on stage


Outside of the convention, I ran into someone dressed entirely in fairy kei! So adorable, we took a photo together!


When I first arrived at the Gaylord, I was waiting for Bobby to come back from the car and a Lolita named Jessica stopped me to inform me about a Lolita Meetup! We ended up meeting up both on Friday & Saturday! We went up to balcony to get great coordinate photos in the lighting. On Saturday, we hung out a bit at the arcade and took some Lolita gaming photos! So many lovely people!





On Saturday, I decided to wear Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night with the matching bonnet since I had yet to wear it and cons are usually a great chance to go OTT. I tried doing something different with my makeup, combining red and blue eyeshadow and lots of blush to cover up the fact that i was sick. Bobby took a lot of generous and beautiful photos of me! Not a bad coordinate to start off the year! ^^ More photos can be seen on my Coordinate Photos 2018 page!




JSK & Bonnet: Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Étoile Filante Chiffon Blouse

Tights: Violet Fane Tragicomico

Tassel: Offbrand

Rosette: Moss Märchen Carnival Brooch

Shoes: Bodyline

Bag: Alice and the Pirates Tent Bag

Friday night, I hung out with my friend for a bit in this cool club! The area near the seats lit up and changed colors!


Saturday was a pretty fun day filled with a lot of walking around, exploring booths, and getting merch from the Vendors Hall! I met up with one of my good friends who I haven’t seen since early last year and talked! He also introduced me to some of his friends who were playtesting their super fun game called Boiling Point, a game in which you, as a crab or lobster, try competing against other players to leave the chef’s pot before you’re cooked alive! A very surprising and fun competitive game! xD I won the first round and can’t wait to play the final product! I also got to see a lot of really cool cosplays!


On Saturday, I went in a different coordinate direction and wore my new gold lipstick with red under eye shadow. I think I lived the dreams of teenage me! xD I felt very awesome and adorable!






JSK: Surfacespell Freak Show

Blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Étoile Filante Chiffon Blouse

Rosette: Miss Danger Shop

Tassel: Offbrand

OTKs: Alice and the Pirates Night Out Gymnasium OTKs

Shoes: Alice and the Pirates

Bag: Surfacespell Freak Show


On Sunday, the convention was wrapping up. Bobby and I were preparing to head back to Rochester so I dressed more comfortably and wore decora for the first time in a long time! It was great to accessorize! Even though Lolita fashion is ultimately what I ended up liking the most, I’m always constantly inspired by decora and the people I’ve gotten to talk to through the style! I tried pink and blue eyeshadow and lotsss of hairclips!





Overall, I had a fantastic time! Almost too good of a time, I was tired for days hahaha! I’d really like to go again next year!

Thanks for tuning in, ’til next week! 🙂


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