Tora Con 2017


Why am I posting on a Monday? Because this Saturday & Sunday was Tora Con!

Tora Con is an annual anime convention run by the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Anime Club. I’ve been a staff artist for Tora Con for the last 3 years and it was time to see everyone’s hard work come to fruition!

I dressed up as Kagome from InuYasha! I found a bunch of other InuYasha cosplayers! ;v;

18033287_1574244895954047_4587621992362778237_n (1)

And my boyfriend was Ryuji from Persona 5! We’ve been playing Persona 5 together since its release and so it was very special to me that we got to meet two of the voice actresses from it!


This was my first test run with selling merchandise in the artist alley. I drew & colored some handmade pins. It was a good experiment to see if my handmade art would sell, if I avoided drawing fan art and just focused on my concepts, what would happen? I sold all but 4 items! That absolutely means a lot to me and I can’t wait to keep improving on my pin making skills!

It was a very exciting I got to meet up with some local lolitas at a maid cafe event!

We took a cute photo together!


! I got a photo of my coordinate from a photo booth!

Blouse: thrifted

Skirt: Alice in Funfair by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Tights: offbrand

Shoes: Antaina 

Tora Con is consistently my favorite convention to go to! And be a part of! I’m always excited for next year!


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