Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

Hello! This week, I’d like to talk about my favorite lolita print, Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night by Alice and the Pirates! Keeping with the circus theme, it’s absolutely difficult to resist this print. There’s so many lovely details on them that I just had to add them to my wishlist. I think in the end, I’d like to own all the colorways but for now I’ll talk about my acquisition of two of the dresses.

I presently own JSK I in Ivory and JSK II in Black. If I had to prefer a cut, I would definitely say I prefer the cut of JSK II. It has an elastic backing that makes it so easy to slip on and off without being too uncomfortable. The high empire waist gives my lower torso a lot of freedom and space. It’s full enough to require several petticoats to fill it out. With JSK I, it’s an exact fit. If I were any larger, it would be uncomfortable zipping up the dress by myself just by how the fabric pulls in at the waste. Despite having shirring in the back, there’s just not enough pull in regards to the comfort JSK II provides. Despite this, I like ivory in JSK I the most and prefer black for JSK II! It’s hard not to love JSK I due to it’s design. It’s got the design, buttons, & shape of a circus performer or ring leader while JSK II fits more of the standard lolita look.

Print comparison

More print details:

Overall, I’m so happy to finally have these dresses in my collection!

For a bonus, I actually own the matching Electric Circus pillow! ^^

What’s your favorite print? Let me know in the comments!

Until next week!

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5 responses to “Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night”

  1. Amy L Sauder Avatar

    These are positively gorgeous! Are they sold somewhere?

    1. milkcircus Avatar

      Thank you! 🙂 They used to be but now you can only buy them secondhand. For buying lolita dresses secondhand, I recommend a website called Lacemarket ^^

      1. Amy L Sauder Avatar

        Cool, I’ll have to check that out. Nice find of yours!

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