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  • I Just Want To Wear Cute Dresses

    I wanted to write this post partially as a journal to myself and partially as a motivational post. I started wearing Lolita Fashion officially in March of 2017. I was done with college and landed my first full time job. I met my local community, filled with people who would become some of my closest […]

  • Size Inclusive Sweet Lolita Brands 2020

    Size Inclusive Sweet Lolita  Brands 2020

    While Lolita Fashion has rapidly gained international popularity outside of Japan, inclusive sizing has lagged behind considerably. It’s not uncommon for Japanese brands to still make one-piece dresses without back shirring or JSKs with high-waists, thus essentially shutting out large portions of the Western audience with restrictive sizing for most of their pieces. Plus size […]

  • MILK ✦ CIRCUS Website Launch!

    MILK ✦ CIRCUS Website Launch!

    Hello and welcome to the new MILK ✦ CIRCUS website! After hosting on, I’ve decided to remake my blog into a site so I can independently host it for many years to come. On this new website, you’ll find old blog posts and articles from my original blog but all new content will […]

  • What Are Your Lolita New Years Resolutions

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It’s the last Monday of 2017, thank you for an amazing year! As part of Lolita Blog Carnival, this week I will be writing about my Lolita New Years Resolutions. While it’s been less than a year since I decided to fully immerse myself in Lolita fashion and begin wardrobe […]

  • Pastel Skies Review ✧

    Hello! Happy Labor Day! Thanks for joining me this week! This week I will be reviewing Pastel Skies, an independent brand presently selling exclusively through the website Lolita Desu. Lolita Desu is a favorite secondhand website of mine, I regularly speak highly of them on this blog and in my recent Accessory Haul I actually bought an […]

  • Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

    Alice and the Pirates Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night

    Hello! This week, I’d like to talk about my favorite lolita print, Electric Circus in the Moonlight Night by Alice and the Pirates! Keeping with the circus theme, it’s absolutely difficult to resist this print. There’s so many lovely details on them that I just had to add them to my wishlist. I think in […]

  • Memorial Art Gallery Hangout

    Hello hello~ This past Sunday I went to the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery with one of my friends from my comm! We went to listen to the Italian Baroque Organ the museum has on constant display. You can find out more information about the organ on the Memorial Art Gallery’s website! 🙂 The person playing the […]