Toronto Weekend Adventures

This past weekend, I went to Canada for the first time ever!
I went to Toronto with my boyfriend and our friend!

Before we left, I Googled where I could find lolita clothes in Toronto and found an old forum thread from 2007. In it, someone mentioned Pacific Mall so I thought it sounded like the perfect stop! The mall is a culturally Asian style shopping centre with lots of small shops. There was a food court on the second floor and I helped myself to some delicious soup.


One thing I didn’t realize until we were there, was that the mall has a noted history of counterfeits & fakes. I couldn’t take photos in a lot of the stores but I never thought I’d have to rely so deeply on my knowledge of anime fakes, especially in regards to figures. There were a few things I did end up buying though! Including some face wash, a mouse pad, and some accessories! I got a star headband & some bat wing hair clips that I’m hoping will go with my Horror Garden coordinate.

Later, we went to Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Cafe! It’s a maid cafe located inside Canada. A maid cafe is a Japanese cafe where the servers all dress as maids and engage in a sort of “performance” of the space. It usually sells really nice sweets and baked goods.
I got a delicious set of waffles with strawberries & ice cream! My friend got the matcha latte and they drew a cute little bear in it!

On Sunday, we went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada! It was very nice on the inside.
We saw lots of different types of fish, including sharks swimming above us.


I got my hands cleaned by shrimp and got to touch small sting rays!


Seeing the jellyfish was amazing. There were lights that made the jellyfish turn different colors, I didn’t want to leave that section at all.

Overall, Toronto is a beautiful city. I’m glad I got to experience going to Canada, even for a short time. The city has such beautiful modern glass buildings and lots of wonderful space for walking. Considering the weather in Toronto is comparable to Rochester, I wonder how it looks in the winter.

Thanks for reading!

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